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24/08/2020: We’re getting back to hashing soon! Check out the Covid-19 page for details of how we’re getting back on trail safely.
Check out our Covid-19 page for more information as it emerges.

Isca Hash House Harriers have been hashing for over 20 years in and around the Roman city of Exeter (ISCA Dumnoniorum).
The group was founded on May 13th 1998 and have run EVERY (permitted) Wednesday since then.
We always finish at a pub where we do the proper stuff that hashing is about – socialising and drinking.
If you think that hashing is for you and would like to join us, just turn up at 7:30pm to the venue advertised in the diary. Alternatively, contact one of the
Mis-management for more details. You can be assured of a warm  welcome. Remember to bring a change of clothes and in the Winter please  bring a torch.