20th August 2016 9am – 19.30


Spocky Bitz (Alan Haylock)  and Wide Receiver (Darren Maynard) will be hitting the Big 40 on August 30th, they have decided (with some helpers -Boots in Puss (Adam Paget) and Imelda (Steve Toomey)) that just before- (on the 20th Aug) they will run 40 cross-country miles with the total ascent being over 1,700m/5,600ft in one go. You can get some idea of elevation, As Snowdon is 1,085m 3,560ft.
They will Start and Finish at Exmouth Sports Centre, following the South-West costal path to Branscombe bay, then cut across to the East Devon Way and follow it back to Exmouth.  Easy right? But they will need your help!!!
They need people to cheer them on or will be willing to meet them at certain areas with  food/drink They also need more runners! This can be: Part, some or… even all the trail. The last 10 miles will be the easiest compared to the rest! They think this will take about 8-10 hours. So for example, to join them /cheer/food/drink stop, we should be at:
Budleigh Carpark (7 miles/33 left) 10:15ish
Sidmouth seafront (13.5 miles/ 26.5 left) 11:45ish
Donkey sanctuary (20 miles/ 20 left) 13:30ish
East-hill-strips (23.5 miles/ 16.5 left) 15:00ish
Harpford, lower way (26.5 miles/ 13.5 left)15:45ish
Joneys Cross (30 miles/ 10 left) 16:30ish
Pines Ridge (35.5 miles/ 4.5 left) 17:30ish Sports centre (40 miles & finish) 18:30ish
Please let them know via Facebook if/how you would like to help.
They are also raising money for charity and the charity they have chosen is for Chestnut Appeal for Prostate Cancer.
There are so many great charity’s out there and this one means a lot to them , so they have set up a Just Giving page “Spocky & Wide’s 40 B4 40 ( https://www.justgiving.com/40-B4-40/). They have also set up a “Just Text Giving”  Text  SBWR80 then amount £1/£2/£3/£4/£5/or £10 to 70070 So please help in any way you can, Many Thanks from Alan Haylock (Spocky Bitz) and Darren Maynard (Wide Receiver).

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