Who Came 2014

Roman Away Day attendees 2014

Hash name Home hash
3D City of Exeter
Amnesia Bicester H3
Bagsmore GOSH Girls Only Seasonal Hash
Bell Toll Isca
Big Issue Teign Valley
Borange Ebley Full Moon
Brigadoon Bogs of Somerset
Butler the Bastard Eastbourne Ladys
Buzby Isca
Call girl Bogs of Somerset
Captain Peacock Haldon
Catflap Plympton
Clever Dick Isca
Coach Bristol Greyhound
Come2night Plympton
Contagious Plympton
Cooperman Isle of Wight
Daffy Dildo Old Coulsdon
Danger Mouse Ebley Full Moon
Dr. Doolittle Gloucester Gourmet
Droop Bristol Greyhound
Dulux Cheltenham and Cotswold
Enter the Dragon TiTs
Fanny Brambles 4% Plympton
Fat Bastard Cropredy 6x
Fu Manchu TiTs
Ganges Isle of Wight
Genital Heat Rash Plympton
Gnasher Tamar Valley
Gymslip Plympton
Hairy Mollusc Plympton
Harenet Bogs of Somerset
Hot Lips Isca
Hyena Herts
I’d Rukka ISCA
Invisible Man Teign Valley
Kanga Isle of Wight
Legover Plympton
Limpit Bogs of Somerset
Lips Plympton
Little Bear Grenada
Lizbien Plympton
Mad Max Bristol
Madam Cyn Plympton
Martini Ebley Full Moon
Menage ISCA
Microfrite North Wilts
Mini Ha Ha Isle of Wight
Miss App Bogs of Somerset
Misses Box Eastbourne Ladys
Money Penny Bristol Greyhound
Monthly Cycle Plympton
Moonflower Plympton
Mr X Herts
Mrs A Plympton
Mudguard Xystus
My Lil Sperm ‘ead Herts
Night Screecher Isca
Nose Job Birmingham H3
Number 2 Isca
Oddballs Plympton
Old Legover Bristol Greyhound
Peanut Ashburton
Plympton Pong Plympton
Poor Sod Isle of Wight
Potato Head City of Exeter
Private Parts Gloucester Gourmet
Rear Entry North Wilts
Rebore Bogs of Somerset
Retread Cheltenham and Cotswold
Scouting 4 Boys Plympton
She’s Ready Plympton
Smoking Dick Plympton
Snowman Isle of Wight
Soggy Balls Bogs of Somerset
Spocky Bitz Isca
Stiff Meat Essex
Stumpy Plympton
Tammy T Teign Valley
Tear Jerker Milton Keynes
Thats Crap Plympton
Tight Lips Isca
Tinkerbell Milton Keynes
Tit-Bitz Isca
Tumbling Ted Bogs of Somerset
Twice Nightly Isca
Vomit Plympton
Walky Talky Bogs of Somerset
Walrus Bogs of Somerset
Wide Receiver Isca
Woggle Plympton
Wrecked Em Plympton
X-Bitz Isca
Xtitch Bicester H3
Zoot Isca