Who Came 2017

Roman Away Day attendees 2017

Hash Name Home Hash
$#!+ NAME Plympton Hash House Harriers
19th Hole Yorkhire H3
3 shillings and four pence Bristol
Able Semen Teign Valley H3
Adonis C/O Mini Ha Ha
Agent Orange Guernsey HHH
Amnesia Bicester H3
Angry Sausage Plympton H3
BackAcker Guernsey Men
Beancounter Guernsey Men
Bear Bitz Isca
Bell Toll Isca
Bit of a Mouthful Plympton
Bomber Truro H3
Boots in Puss Isca
Buzby Isca
Captain Peacock C2H3
Catflap Plympton Hash House Harriers
Cl’Oysters Edinburgh H3
Come2Nite Plympton
Cooperman Isle of Wight
Daffy Old Coulsdon
Damp Patch Isca
Dishy Goolies Truro
Dongle Friends of the Mole
Dr Doolittle Plympton H3
Droop Bristol Greyhound
Dulux Isca
Enter the Dragon TITS
Fat Bastard cropredy6x
Felt Tip Stannary H3
Fingerless Donnington H3
Flying Doctor North Hampshire
Frogdney Isca
Fu Manchu TITS
Furry Truro h3
Gamebird Ashburton HH3
Gee Gee String MKH3
Genital Heat Rash Plympton
Goodhead Milton Keynes H3
Gymslip Plympton
GymSlip Kirton H3
Hairy Bell Knob Bristol Greyhound
Hairy Mollusc Plympton
Harenet Bristol
Hash Hore Plymouth
Hornie Teign Valley
Idle Vice Bicester H3
Latecomer Bull Moon H3
Legover Plympton
Legover Guernsey Harriettes
Limpit Bristol Greyhound
Little Bear Grenada
Lizbien Plympton
Mad Max Bristol H3
Madam Cyn Plympton Hash House Harriers
Martini Cheltenham & Cotswold
Melon Picker Isca H3
Menage ISCA
Mini Ha Ha Isle Of Wight
Minxy Isca
MissApp Bogs of Somerset
Moneypenny Bristol Greyhound
Mouldy Dick Teign Valley H3
Mr X Herts/FUK Full Moon
Mrs Sheen Teign Valley H3
MuddyBum Stannary H3
Mudguard Xystus
My Lil’ Sperm ‘ead Herts/FUK Full Moon
Nice Flaps Milton Keynes
Night Screecher Isca
Nippy C/O Mini Ha Ha
Nosejob Bull Moon H3
Number 2 ISCA
Oddbitz Isca H3
Paperwork Taunton H3
Paxo Herts
Pearl Necklace ISCA
Poacher Ashburton HH3
Pony Shafter Plympton
Pork Torpedo Teign Valley
Private Parts Cheltenham
Pure Genius Guernsey Harriettes
Puss in Bootless Isca
Retread C2H3
Rubber Johnny Milton Keynes
Scouting4Boys Plympton
She’s Ready Plympton H3
Shiggy Valentine Bristol
Slip On Me Teign Valley
Snowman Isle of Wight
Soapy Isca H3
Software Friends of the Mole
Sore Tits Isca
Sorepoint Taunton H3
Spooky Bitz Iscah3
Stiff Meat Essex
Strap On MKH3
Stretch c/o Buzby
Stung Down Under South Hams
Supergrass Guernsey Harriettes
Tear Jerker Milton Keynes H3
That’s Crap Plympton H3
Tight Lips Isca
Tinkerbell Milton Keynes H3
Tit Bitz Isca
Tumbling Ted Bristol
Walky Talky Bogs of Somerset
Where’s Wooly Guernsey Harriettes
Wickdipper Teign Valley H3
Wide Receiver Isca
Wigwam Teign Valley H3
Wobblybitz Isca
Woggle Plympton H3
Woody Kirton
X Bitz Iscah3
Xstitch Bicester H3