Who came 2019

Roman Away Day attendees 2019

Hash Name Home Hash
$#!+ Name PH3
3Sum TVH3
3-Way Haldon
BabyDoll A2B – various
Bell Toll Isca H3
Bigfoot Haldon h3
Bilko Plympton
Bit of a mouthful Plympton
Black Hole London H3
Bobbiball TVH3
Bogof Tvh3
Bomber Truro H3
Broken Man Teign Valley/SouthHams
Bunion Ring Plympton
Buzby Isca
Captain Peacock C2H3
Catflap Plympton H3
Chubby Squirter Plympton h3
Come2Nite Plympton
cooperman isle of wight
Creeper Bicester
Damp Patch Isca H3
Dishy Goolies Truro H3
Dongle BOGS
Dozey Parrot tvh3
Dr Z Ebley Full Moon H3
Droop Bristol Greyhound
Drop Off Isca/OVH3
Dulux Isca
Endosperm Drake Hash House Harriers
Enter the Dragon Tits
Ever Ready Plympton hash house harriers
Fallen Woman Teign Valley/ South Hams
Flour Power Isca H3
Flying Doctor NH4
Fu man Chu Tits
FURRY Truro 2h3
Gabrielle Truro
GHR Plympton
Gymslip Plympton
Gymslip Kirton
Hairymollusc Plymouth hhh
Hippy Chick Isca H3
Hornie Teign Valley H3
Horse Trough Mark II Drake Hash House Harriers
Hotlips ISCA
Hurry Up Isca Away Day H3
Jelly Baby SH4
Lawrence of Croatia Bristol Greyhounds
Legover Plympton
Limpit Bristol Greyhounds
Lizbien Plymouth hhh
Mad Max Bristol
Madam Cyn Plympton H3
Man-Pig Teign Valley
Martini Cheltenham & Cotswold
Mathhew Broome Bristol H3
McFee Haldon
Melon Picker ISCA
Menage ISCA
MissApp Bogs of Somerset
Moneypenny Bristol Greyhound
Mr X Herts H3/.F.U.K. Full Moon H3
MrsA PH3
Murkin Plympton
My Lil’ Sperm ‘ead Herts H3/.F.U.K. Full Moon H3
Night Screech Isca
Nose Job Bull Moon
Paperwork Taunton H3
Paxo Herts
Plympton Pong Plympton
Poacher Ashburton
Polecat Haldon
Pony Shafter Plympton Hash House Harriers
Pork Torpedo Teign VAlley
Postman splatt Swansea Jack H3
Redlight Xystus
Retread C2H3
Rhino Truro
RockChick Bristol Greyhounds
Scouting4Boys PlymptonH3
She’s Ready Plympton H3
Shiggy Valentine Bristol
Shortie Haldon h3
Slasher Haldon
SMEllie Teign Valley
Smoking Dick Plympton
Snowman IOW
Soapy Isca
Software BOGS
Sore Tits Isca
Sorepoint Taunton H3
Splash Truro
Spocky Bitz Isca H3
Syphilis Isca Away Day H3
That’s Crap Plympton H3
Two Chips Plympton Hash House Harriers
Ubend TVH3
Walky Talky Bogs
WAM Bridgwater towpath
Well Red Haldon
Windy Puff SH4
Woggle Plympton
Woody Kirton
Woof Woof Isca
Zoot Isca H3